About Us

As a combat veteran I want the job done right like it is my own.  I want my clients to be satisfied.


Our pricing is over 20% less than all the competition on average, and often even higher in savings. 30% tax credit is back right now!

Home Benefits

Own your solar!  Increase your home value and ensure it is easy if you decide to sell your home. Go off grid with a battery backup system charged from your own solar. Keep the lights and refrigerator on during any power outages or even power your entire home.

Technology And Logistics

We utilize the newest solar panels and state of the art microinverter technology for every installation.  This guarantees the most efficient solar array ensuring one system failure will not take down your entire system.  It also optimizes the life span of your systems production over the long term. We handle the entire process: the size system for 100% offset or your desired power production, the plan, the permit, the installation, the final inspection, and the Permission to Operate (PTO) submission with your electric utility provider SCE or PG&E.